DotMatrix 1.6 and DotMatrix Studio!

After much adieu, we have released DotMatrix version 1.6 including the Free, Standard and now introducing: DotMatrix Studio with PDF Output and high-resolution image processing for professional photographers. The wait was worth it. What other app allows you to snap a picture of your favorite person with the built-in iSight and then walk down to Kinkos with a 500K .pdf file ready to print on a 5' wide plotter? (Ask Kinkos staff for assistance in upscaling -- they know how).

We have a backlog of orders to fill on the Studio version, and until we update the pricing information on our web-page, the pre-order pricing is still valid.

Don't believe it? Here is a PDF Sample made from the 640x480 low-res clipart of JFK. Download it and print it at any resolution you can muster. Legal. Tabloid. Kinkos giant plotter. The image is rendered as PostScript(tm) curves, so it is truly resolution-independent.

View more PDF samples from DotMatrix Studio



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By : Ms. Black DotMatrix 1.6 and DotMatrix Studio!


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