DotMatrix FREE - macOS Mojave

Unbelievably, DotMatrix FREE from the Mac App Store continues to function under Mojave 10.4.x as long as you install our camera driver trampoline otherwise known as the QTKitVDIG.component.  Unfortunately, due to some weird problem with the vintage Prefs Pane installer, the only way to install the component is by doing so manually:
  1. Download BLKOPQKAM_esd.dmg from this link.
  2. Mount the disk image and navigate to the BLKOPQKAM folder.
  3. Find the QTKitVDIGPrefs.prefPane and CONTROL+CLICK on the touchpad/mouse and choose Show Package Contents...
  4. Navigate into the folder Contents and in the subfolder PlugIns find the file named QTKitVDIG.component.
  5. Copy QTKitVDIG.component to the path /Library/QuickTime on your Mac.   This step requires authentication.  The QTKitVDIG.component can also be installed for "Current User Only" by copying the file into ~/Library/QuickTime (the QuickTime subfolder in your personal Library folder which is a hidden folder).
  6. Finally, you must relaunch DotMatrix FREE if it is already running. Upon launch, macOS will request camera access permissions for the app.  Choose accordingly.
  7. DotMatrix FREE (or any other vintage pre-Mountain Lion b-l-a-c-k-o-p camera app) should now function properly.


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By : Ms. Black DotMatrix FREE - macOS Mojave


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